Liz Partington is a Colour Me Beautiful consultant based in Charlbury, a few miles north-west of Oxford.

To contact Liz for a consultation, please send her an e‑mail at


"Liz was very reassuring and professional yet relaxed. I definitely feel more confident about choosing colours that will suit me and it has made me feel positive about shopping again!" [Mrs H]

"The Colour Consultation has really helped and I love my swatches! I haven't made too many new purchases as the weather has been uninspiring but I'm going to hit the shops for a spree soon I hope!" [Mrs V]

"The Style-Personality Quiz set a fun tone and I really enjoyed the whole experience: can't wait to go shopping!" [Mrs P]

"Shopping is much easier now. I can walk into a shop and see immediately if it's worth trying anything on!" [Mrs M]